Chateau Pépin d'Escurac - Anne Landureau

Chateau d'Escurac - Anne Landureau
Chateau d'Escurac - Anne Landureau

Château d'Escurac is a beautiful estate in Civrac-Médoc covering 120 hectares, 40 of which are under vines. Jean-Marc Landureau, owner from 1990 to 2017, created 4 wines: Château d'Escurac, Château Haut-Myles, La Chapelle d'Escurac and Pépin d'Escurac. Château d'Escurac and Château Haut-Myles are classified as Cru Bourgeois appellation Médoc. Today Anne Landureau, his daughter, continues her father's work and the estate is still managed by the dedicated team that has been in place for many years.
From the beginning, in our classification of Gironde wines, we have classified those of Mr. Pépin d'Escurac among the fifth grapes of the Medoc. We will maintain them there, because in our opinion they deserve it, even if this far too modest owner wants to exile himself to the class of good bourgeois growth." Excerpt from the journal "Le Producteur" - 1839.
Over the years, the personalities of the various owners of Château d'Escurac have shaped this beautiful estate that thrones on one of the highest hills in the Médoc. The very beautiful chapel from the 11th century is a reminder of the former rural, feudal and ecclesiastical life that left an indelible impression here. The Landureau family fell in love with the property and bought it in 1934.
Jean, the grandfather, who loved horses, transformed the property into a stud farm and indulged in his passion. His son, Jean-Michel, diversified the activities of the estate, developed the vineyard and brought his grapes to the cooperative for vinification. Finally, Jean-Marc Landureau, Jean-Michel's son, inspired from an early age by his first grape harvest, decided to dedicate his life to getting the best out of this excellent land. In August 2017, Jean-Marc Landureau died suddenly and the property has now been taken over by his daughter Anne, a veterinary student. She is assisted by the experienced team at Château d'Escurac and by her mother, Merete Løwig Larsen.